Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!! 

The Munn Elementary School team of professionals is committed to providing a nurturing, caring, supportive and challenging academic environment for all of our students. We are focused on the Spencerport mission and the goals of the strategic plan. The educational experience the children at Munn receive will prepare them to be academically successful and positive contributors to our global community.

Our shared decision making team, the Munn Building Planning Team has identified three goals and four targets for the 2019-2020 school year.

Goal 1: 

Our school community will utilize data, resources and professional learning to collaboratively improve the community well-being of students, parents/guardians and staff. 


1-Staff use stakeholder input from a variety of sources, to address opportunities of growth.

2-Staff will engage in professional learning around culturally responsive education and trauma-sensitive schools to meet the social/emotional and academic needs of all learners. 

Goal 2:

Our school community will engage students and staff in learner-centered opportunities. 


1- Staff will identify opportunities to incorporate student voice and choice within and across our instructional programming. 

Goal 3:

Our school community will prioritize social emotional learning benchmarks as a means to achieve academic success for all students. 


1- Staff will engage in professional learning to build capacity in the understanding of the NYS social emotional learning benchmarks. 

It is our focus as a staff to support each of our students and their families to develop a genuine sense of belonging in our school.  We are committed to supporting each student as they grow academically and socially.  Please connect with Munn regularly to learn about the exciting things that are students and staff are engaged in. 

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My sincerest best wishes for a super start to the new school year.  Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you or your child throughout the school year.

Yours in Partnership,



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