Minutes - 8/12/19

August 12, 2019

  1. Dismissal - change in order to get students on the buses quicker and to free up office staff to deal with parent sign outs, phone calls, etc - there will no longer be grade level announcements from the office to dismiss

    1. Kindergarten proceeds to buses as they have been, Dawn or designee announces on radio "kindergarten is on the buses"

    2. 1st grade directly follows kindergarten (first two weeks are walked to the buses)

    3. Teachers on bus duty follow K & 1

    4. Grades 4 & 5 line up in the north hallway and grades 2 & 3 line up in the south hallway - classroom teacher walk students to the doors

    5. Grades 2-5 follow 1st grade

  2. Game Days will continue prior to each long weekend and break

  3. Lisa to put out on social media and turn off comments: Building policy - no food treats for birthday celebration: It is Munn Elementary School's practice that birthday celebrations will be recognized and celebrated in the classroom with your child's peers and do not include food treats, goody bags, flowers, balloons, etc. The purpose behind this practice is to  protect the safety of all the students and limit distractions in the instructional day. Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch. Thank you for adhering to this practice.

  4. Stacy to send a reminder email about clubs with stipend info and use the info from the student survey

  5. Mike to email lunch monitors - Bathroom visits during lunch - all students to use the nurse's office bathroom, kindergarten and first grade to be escorted

  6. Ask Joe about the general feeling bus drivers have toward Munn / being supported by Munn staff - teach expectations - consider offering teachers to ride a bus then take an extra late arrival day