Minutes - 9/10/19

Munn Elementary School Building Planning Team Meeting 
September 10, 2019

Agenda Item Action / Outcome 
Welcome to Mrs. Macartney  Welcome to Mrs. Macartney who joins us the parent representative on BPT
November 14 Parent/Teacher conflict with author visit/location The team discussed pros and cons about moving parent conferences so teachers could attend an evening event with the visiting author.  The decision was to keep the date and offer flexibility for teachers attending the professional learning
Update and finalize plan.  Set date/process to share with stakeholders and vote The team reviewed the plan making additions and deletions as needed.  Next steps…District office administrators will join our October 1 meeting to offer feedback.  BPT members will meet with their stakeholder groups to share the draft plan.  A vote will be held on the plan in mid- October.  
Review Bus Dismissal procedures The team reviewed the new dismissal process at Munn.  Mike Canny will reach out to transportation to inquire about the arrival times of a few late buses.
I-ready Diagnostic protocols
 The team reviewed the process for grades 1-5 to complete the i-ready diagnostic for reading and math
SWE team meeting format The team discussed and confirmed the support that will be provided to teams at 8:15 am meetings to support enrichment for students.

October and January - Grades 4,5 
November and March - Grades 2,3 
December and April - Grades K,1
Theme Day Date The team discussed the logistics of theme day in May 28 2020
Cluster dates Agenda item moved to a future BPT meeting
USDE survey results The team will continue to use this data to inform and guide us in our enhance the culture and climate at Munn School
Next meeting October 1 at 4:00 pm in the Munn library