Minutes - 10/1/19

Building Planning Team Meeting
October 1, 2019

Agenda Item 

Action / Outcome 

Plan review & update with district office representative  

Mr. Ty Zinkiewich and Mr. Dan Milgate attended. Mr. Canny provided an overview of the BPT Plan. Mr. Zinkiewich asked how we develop our survey questions. The team shared that we look at last year's survey answers, office referrals, and how they connect to Bivona, Rachel's Challenge, PBIS, etc.  Mr. Zinkiewich asked about tangible learning experiences. Mr. Milgate asked how we support core values, are there any gaps? The team felt that the plan addresses the connections we make to core values. Mr. Zinkiewich talked about the pre-school pilot program

that will be started at Munn in September 2020. 

The group discussed the transition to online report cards

Confirm, set & communicate Theme Day & Cluster dates 

Save for half day release

Cafeteria Communication System 

When an adult meets with student(s) they are signed out on the white board, ultimately order a column sized white board and have it mounted on the middle column


Radio Protocol EXAMPLES - if you do not get a response, try the radio once more, then use the intercom:


  1. This is Mrs. Hoadley I need assistance in my room - office responds "Mr. Canny is on the way."

  2. This is Mrs. Carella 2nd grade is on the playground - office responds "Thanks for letting us know"

  3. This is Mrs. Lonardo I am sending a student to the nurse with a buddy - nurse responds "thanks for letting me know"

  4. Do not need to:

    • Mrs. Hoadley calling the office

      • This is the office

    • I'm sending a student with a buddy

      • Thanks for letting us know

Food items for special events must be cleared by the nurse

Parents are still not allowed to bring food in.

Communicating with the nurse

Use the radio if you have one, if the nurse doesn't answer Mrs. McLaen will answer, if the visit is a minute or two the buddy can stay otherwise someone in the office will walk the student back. Radios should be on while student is out of the room - do not use names!

Recognize custodian and cleaners 

At next STAR assembly

Breakfast line in morning - Cheryl is concerned that we already have 125 or so and they are interfering with morning work. Concern that students feel the line is too long and will not get breakfast. 


Explore 3rd grade options. Ideas:

  1. Let breakfast only students off buses early

  2. Have a second line using the salad bar for the grab & go items vs hot breakfast, use a check off list daily for the grab & go to add to the register later

  3. Tue & Thu Cheryl holds a certain amount of hot breakfasts aside for 3rd grade so they can get breakfast after specials; Mon, Wed & Fri they go after specials

  4. Staggering grade times to go to breakfast - start with 3rd grade? 3rd grade teachers do a breakfast count before going to specials? Can 3rd grade eat immediately in the cafeteria - get off the buses at 8:45? 

Bus 319 is consistently late, can there be supervision of the students assigned to 319? Kindergarten needs to drop off the 319 students and move on. 


Mr. Canny and Mrs. McLaen will develop a plan.

Communicate plan to liaisons

meet with liaison groups between now and October 8 with the vote on October 9 and 10