Minutes - 11/5/19

Building Planning Team Meeting
November 5, 2019
Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Frantz, Lonardo, McLaen, S. Schultz

Agenda Item Action / Outcome
Update the Plan Done 
Mike will update the team on the upcoming faculty meetings  The group questioned if the May faculty meeting could be changed to a different Thursday due to Theme Day 
Gratitude Lunch Nov 22 If staff choose to eat with students, MSPA will pay for lunch. Mr. Canny would like to use table cloths to have a home-like setting for Thanksgiving lunch 
Ideas for Beautification of the building (both in house and facilities)  The group feels strongly that useful inside renovations and a non-leaking roof are needed before outside beautification should be considered
○ Non-leaking roof
○ Student bathroom in cafeteria
○ Sensory / mindfulness room
○ Stage curtains
○ Housing for café chairs
○ Bathroom quotes on the bathroom doors 
○ Conference room - ceiling tiles need to match, the installation of the pull power cords is not acceptable - use the December half day to decide on design and project plan - Mike pointed out that this summer's capital project may include the conference room so we need to wait until we know what exactly is included
Comments and concerns from your liaison groups 
  • There was a discussion about lunchroom frustrations re: food that has pork in it - cafeteria staff have been calling out students in front of peers that they chose something with pork
  • Can the lunch sheets have the students cannot have pork highlighted? Yes, Lisa can do, but will it minimize the students who are highlighted for food allergies? 
  • The group felt that cafeteria staff and classroom teachers should work together to ensure that students who cannot have pork will make another choice for lunch
  •  Can the menu show what food items have pork - have a code like restaurant menus do? Stacy to ask Gary Miner.
  • Can we get a list of food items that contain pork? Lisa to ask ELL teachers. Marie has a list, not sure how up-to-date it is.
  • There was a discussion about the lunch monitor staff and what kind of training they have, concerns about safety