Minutes - 12/19/19

Building Planning Team Meeting - Half Day Release
December 19, 2019
Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Frantz, Hoadley, Lonardo, McLaen, S. Schultz

Agenda Item 

Discussion / Actions 

Develop January 17 Release Day Schedule 

  1. Usually faculty use the afternoon on release days for data day, this day we will use for PD - safety, culturally responsive, wellness

  2. 50 sets of multicultural crayons available for whole school

  3. Each student will color a square based on what they learned from the book All Are Welcome - that square will be placed on a letter "All Are Welcome" which will later be laminated

  4. Go here for draft agenda 

Update the plan

To be done on the January 7 meeting

Update on clusters and funding

  1. Steve showed the group how cluster groups are formed

  2. Steve sent a survey to the cluster facilitators, based on the amount needed facilitators will use either the Walmart Card or ask for MSPA funding

    1. 9 cluster facilitators did not respond to Steve's survey

    2. There is no wiggle room on the Walmart card 

Beautification of Munn 

  1. Create a banner/collage "All Are Welcome Here" based on the book All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold - each classroom gets a letter to color blue

    1. Letters ordered, to ask MSPA for reimbursement

    2. Ask Joe to remove the three bulletin boards from the front hall

      1. Think about having a wall of pictures instead

    3. The signage will be installed on the wall where the bulletin boards currently are located

  2. Better chairs to replace the benches in the front hall

  3. Open it up to staff to assist

    1. Use after school times, possible weekend here and there

  4. The conference room can still use some work

    1. Chalkboard paint the top green panels - write an uplifting message

    2. The boxes and cabinet contain science equipment

    3. Have pictures of students on the walls

    4. For meetings with parents have table tents with the student's picture on it

  5. Cafeteria

    1. PAINT - neutral, calming colors

    2. Storage for chairs

    3. Flags

    4. New stage curtains

    5. Is the piano needed?

    6. Are the bulletin boards needed?

    7. Have music playing during lunch times?

  6. The break room needs a clean sweep

Develop Mindfulness Plan 

To discuss at next release day

Spencerport Foundation 

  1. Is accepting proposals for anything a teacher deems as a good use of funds

  2. Mike sent email to all staff On December 19, will be included in the next few week's News & Notes

  3. Applications due on January 24, 2020

Emergency Evacuation Discussion

  1. Does the nurse have a Go Bag with all necessary meds for students

  2. Stacy proposed getting thermal disposable blankets to put in Go Bags in case the school needed to be evacuated during inclement weather

  3. Go Bags - we need these as well - good proposal for the Foundation?

  4. This spring will practice evacuation drills during lunch times

    1. Likelihood of a fire would be in the kitchen / boiler room area

    2. No later than February BPT meeting develop an evacuation plan for lunch times

      1. Role of teachers - Have teachers return to the lunchroom immediately to assist their class in the evacuation

      2. Have rosters on back of the badges

      3. Take radios to lunch - they can be turned off, only to be turned on in case of an emergency

      4. Role of café monitors

      5. Role of kitchen staff

Field Trip Emergency Discussion 

Have the field trip forms changed to include 2 emergency phone numbers, the student's doctor's name and number, and the hospital to take the student to in case of emergency

Mrs. Macartney shared via email

As for the Thanksgiving lunch you did, Francesca loved it!  Was talking to my cousin from out of state and she says they do this several times thru out the school year and invite different people from their community, such as librarians, police department, veterans.  Usually done after a break to remind kids of rules and expectations of the lunch room.