Minutes - 2/4/20

Building Planning Team Meeting
February 4, 2020
Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Frantz, Hoadley, McLaen, S.Schultz

Agenda Item 

Discussion / Actions 

Update plan 

Mike took care of prior to meeting 

All Are Welcome Signage

  • All Are Welcome letters are in the office and the bulletin boards have been removed from the front hallway

    • Lisa to get acrylic ranger blue paint

  • Build upon the culturally responsive day at school with a school-wide family circle project to use with signage

  • Send home sheet with examples, cardstock circle

  • Using crayons, markers, or colored pencils only, no photos, create your own image, symbol, drawings, words that represents your family, finished product must be flat in order to be laminated

  • Staff first - Put cardstock circles (April & Marie) in staff mailboxes on February 24 to be returned no later than March 2 


  • Munn schoology has a Social Emotional Learning folder containing the results of the social/emotional survey for Munn, the state, and the national level 

  • Teachers are able to see their own class's results

  • Data can give us an idea of who is under the radar or not on the radar at all

    • What response is allowed at the building level?

  • Survey to be retaken in April/May - must be sure that all students take the survey

    • Use data to assist in prepping for SEL support in next year's sections

    • Teachers will need concrete support / training / guidelines to offer social/emotional support in the classroom

Radio Protocol 

(Stacy) I asked to put walkie talkies on the agenda. It was brought to my attention that we need to have a system to let people know what is needed in the classroom when calling for assistance on the walkie talkie. I was thinking we need a code to let everyone know if it is a break that is needed, an escalating situation that needs support or the need at the point where someone needs to be there RIGHT AWAY because someone is being hurt or may hurt them self? Maybe something in between. 
1.    "Mrs. Ellis needs assistance" = help gets there when possible
2. "Mr. Fink needs assistance now" = help needs to get there immediately
3. Important that the TONE on the radio is calm regarding any issue
4. Calling for the principal should not be the default - utilize the mental health staff

Backpacks in the 2-3rd & 4-5th grade hallway. Safety and issues when kids are walking down the hallway. 

  1. Unofficial survey - teachers would rather have cubbies than lockers - Mike shared it would be a capitol project to rip out lockers and build cubbies

  2. Group feels that during winter the snow gear takes the room that the book bag would take up - however even without the winter gear, the backpack has to be unpacked to fit into the locker

  3. First step - make sure students have picked up their belongings, reteach & revisit expectations

  4. Mike will advocate for getting cubbies / larger spacing for the next capitol project