Minutes - 3/5/20

Building Planning Team Meeting - Half Day Release
March 5, 2020
Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Frantz, Hoadley, McLaen, S. Schultz

Agenda Item 

Discussion / Actions 

Plan review & updates 


Recycling Project (Stacy) https://www.trex.com/recycling/recycling-programs/   

Defer to next meeting 

All Are Welcome Role Out/Activity  

Joe is getting the materials to hand the signage - can be hung at any time

Ellis drafted a letter to go to families about the circle project, circles to be displayed around the signage and down the hall toward the cafeteria

One circle per family

McLaen to prep labels for oldest child in each household

Staff will also do circles, will be smaller

Would like to have them completed and returned to school no later than March 27

Hang circles over break

Survey – What do we want to do in regards to the survey? Roll out? 

Defer to next meeting 

Have the survey completed before June meeting to discuss results.


Want to create a WOW entry

Summer Work and Painting Request

Office suite to be painted except for counselor's office

A Day in History May 28 – planning time and execution 

Need an end of the day assembly at end of the day 55 minute long to provide planning time for classroom teachers

No dance party, gets too crazy and only special area teachers will be in the assembly for supervision

Have parade during the assembly, have each grade level go up to the stage and/or parade around the café

March 20th Day of Play with afternoon as Data Day 

BPT not providing a plan, Team Leaders have discussed plan

June 4 Half Day Building Choice - Keep as Fine Arts Day

Should go on team leader agenda for them to plan

Discussion - Theme Day Planning

BPT should not plan theme days, that is for the Team Leaders to do

Online Print Shop Requesting

Feel it is a union issue not a BPT issue

Mike to share concerns with Cory Allen

Tentative April Break plans

All doors will be painted chalkboard black

Summer Renovations

All classrooms on kindergarten side of the hallway to be renovated and asbestos removed, will have trailers for moving items, take personal items home
- Movers scheduled to come in June 26, 2020
- Renovations to start June 29, 2020
- No summer 2020 programs at Munn
- Should have access to classrooms in late August

North parking lot will get 20-25 more parking spots

Cafeteria and stage
- Accordion walls removed
- Stage, café and café hall will have air conditioning

Discussion about the increase in parking 

Would be possible to have a sidewalk (or gravel or woodchips) installed along the side of the building for staff to walk on

Discussion of when cleaners don't get 

Mike to discuss with Joe