Minutes - 5/26/20

Building Planning Team Meeting - Zoom
May 26, 2020
Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Frantz, Hoadley, Lonardo, McLaen, S. Schultz

Agenda Item  Discussion / Actions 

Should we even do them? Mike anticipates that we will need to create a BPT Plan, whether virtual or in-person.

  1. Concerns:
    • Most of the feedback would come back regarding distance learning
    • D.O. has taken the lead with distance learning so the BPT should not (at this time) need to address it
    • Parents are overwhelmed, will we get feedback? 
    • But how to create a new plan without some kind of feedback
  2. Change survey
    • Parent Survey - group agreed not to do parent survey this year
    • Student Survey - group agreed not to do student survey this year
    • Staff Survey - liaison Zoom meetings at the end of the year? Let people's voices be heard. Marie created "BPT end of year discussion" (see below) Have feedback back NLT June 19

      Meet with your liaison group and send in feedback by June 19th. 
      - Provide feedback on PBIS initiatives (switch to Munnday Motivators from RC lessons, challenges, and assemblies) 
      - What would be most beneficial to you for professional development? 
      Culturally Responsive
      - What would you like to see BPT pursue in the future? 
      - Other feedback? 
Finish Plan  BPT Members to edit and add evidence NLT June 12 
PRIP - Participation Rate Improvement - combating the opt-outs
  1. http://www.nysed.gov/common/nysed/files/programs/accountability/2019-20-participation-rate-improvement-plan-memo.pdf
  2. SCSD elementary schools and middle school did not make the expected participation rate for NYS assessment 2017-2018
  3. If participation rate in the subgroup identified is not at or above 95% benchmark then Title I funding can be impacted
  4. We will be asked for 2020-2021 to write a PRI Plan and will likely be part of our building plan
    1. Possible Options
      1. Have a Parent Night to explain the importance of assessment
      2. Brainstorm with liaison groups
  5. STA will not promote opting out
Summer Date TBD