Rachel's Challenge


Rachel’s Challenge

For the past several years, Munn Elementary students, staff and parents have accepted Rachel’s Challenge (www.RachelsChallenge.org) and amassed thousands of "links," each representing an act of kindness or compassion.

This year, Munn students hope to build on their success by demonstrating more acts of kindness, compassion, and acceptance.

“Our staff, students and parents embraced this challenge, and the initiative has furthered a sense of community,” Principal Michael Canny said. “Encouraging, recognizing and celebrating acts of acceptance enhances our primary building goal of continuing to provide a genuine sense of belonging for everyone at Munn. I am truly appreciative of the leadership from our Building Planning Team and the continued partnership forged with the Munn School Parent Association.”
Rachel’s challenge was founded in memory of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine tragedy. Rachel lived her life, encouraging acts of kindness and compassion, so when Principal Canny received an e-mail from the national organization, he wanted to share it with the entire school:

“…Rachel was my younger sister, and I was touched how your students and faculty have taken the message of RC to your hearts, so thank you so very much,” Dana Scott, a RC coach and sister to Rachel, wrote. “3,000 links is an AMAZING accomplishment, I'm sure you are so very proud of your kids. We hope that we can continue a relationship with your school for many years to come!!”