Minutes - 1/12/2021

Building Planning Minutes from January 12, 2021 Meeting

Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Hoadley, Schwind, Schultz
BPT Vote
  • A link was provided to all staff to review the proposed BPT plan and vote on approval or disapproval.  Staff are encouraged to share feedback and suggestions with their BPT liaison.
  • BPT will be providing refreshments in the cafeteria Friday morning - all are welcome.
Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education
  • Academic and Behavioral data has been provided by NYU to the buildings who provided CRE training for staff over the past two years across the district.  Those trained are Mike Canny, Dawn Hoadley and Jeanne Pacitto.  Currently being trained are Christine Purtell and Jessica Schultz.  Mike Canny provided a cursory overview of the data provided by NYU, as well as NYS 3-5 ELA and Math student achievement, and office referral data for the 2018-2019 academic year. In addition, longitudinal office referral data from 2007-2020 was referenced.  BPT’s are encouraged to use the data to identify trends, observations and action steps to improve the educational experience for students. 
  • BPT discussed additional informal ways to continue to keep the CRE discussion pertinent and relevant in the building.  
Black History Month February 2021
  • BPT discussed creative and relevant ways to celebrate and recognize the contributions of Black Americans.  A folder in the Munn Professional Development 2020-2021 has been created for staff to share resources.
  • Munn staff door decorating challenge: Staff will select Black American and decorate their door honoring their contributions to society.   
  • Each day at Munn the contributions of a Black American will be featured on the morning announcements shared by a 5th grade student.  In addition it will be shared with additional resources on Munn social media.  Staff are encouraged to tag Munn when posting on social media about the ways they are teaching and celebrating about the contributions of Black Americans.  
Winter “Enrichment Experiences”
  • BPT discussed the idea of providing “wow” experiences for students and brainstormed - ideas included Frisbee, golf and snow activities.
  • Mr. Canny approved and encouraged the “wow” experiences for staff to engage in with students for February 11 and 12.  
  • Please share any additional suggestions for classroom or building wide ‘wow” experiences you would like to pursue with Mr. Canny.
  • Please adhere to CDC guidelines during “wow” experiences.