Minutes - 11/3/2020

Present:  Canny, Carella, Ellis, Hoadley, McLaen, Schultz, Schwind

Guests: Mr. Milgate and Mr. Zinkiewich 

Agenda Item

Discussion / Action Items

Presented plan to Mr. Milgate and Mr. Zinkiewich

  1. Get student data regarding CRE & SEL - what do the students need?

  2. Assessment - how will it be done if we go 100% remote?

  3. Blended learning

Make Revisions based on Feedback

Discussion on how to maintain student and staff interest and engagement as the months go by, particularly in the winter - to implement into plan

  • Dress up theme each month

  • Pop-up days / events

  • Whole school "shut down" to do a dance, a wellness moment - how will it affect instruction? Change mindset!!

Map out at next BPT meeting

Schedule a Vote (2 days)

Hold vote until we have discussed and added topics from Mr. Milgate & Mr. Zinkiewich

Upcoming Faculty Meetings

Tabled until next meeting