Minutes - 12/1/2020

Present:  Canny, Ellis, Hoadley, McLaen, Schultz, Schwind

Agenda Item

Discussion / Action Items

Make changes to the plan based on feedback from Mr. Milgate and Mr. Zinkiewich


Schedule a Vote (2 days)

Dates: Dec 3 & 4

Plan to use Microsoft Forms - settings to anonymous. Include link to plan with survey.

Staff and student anxieties are increasing as COVID cases increase and discussions/plans around Full Remote

In the event of school being closed due to the virus, the District Emergency Response Team will continue to lead us through these challenging time.  Please share any input you have with me and I will share it with the respective District lead.  If there are Munn related issues, concerns or help I can provide in supporting our students and families you are connecting with please text or phone me directly (585) 721-8642.



From November meeting: Discussion on how to maintain student and staff interest and engagement as the months go by, particularly in the winter - to implement into plan

  • Dress up theme each month

  • Pop-up days / events

  • Whole school "shut down" to do a dance, a wellness moment - how will it affect instruction? Change mindset!!

Map out at next BPT meeting in December- PBIS might have done some of this already

Possible Ideas:

January - extra recess & hot cocoa day

February - snowman contest

March -

April -

May -

June -

For staff - go back to team provided breakfasts (store bought only) once a month. BPT will start in January.

Upcoming Faculty Meetings - December 10th  - Prepare for full remote if it becomes necessary.