Minutes - 10/13/2020

Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Hoadley, McLaen, Schultz, Schwind 

Agenda Item

Discussion / Action Items 

Staff Concerns:

  1. System for delivering personal belongings to the office when a student goes home sick.

  2. Anxiety with parent option to change happening soon and possible class list changing, teacher assignments and creating balanced classes. 

  3. Consistent Covid Protocols 

  1. Resolved - office staff only will retrieve sick students' belongings

  2. At this point we are waiting for Transportation to ensure they can route and seat the additions/changes

  3. News & Notes reminders

    • Specific question re: gaga pit, Mike to give a reminder that it is not to be used

Plan on how to communicate plan and vote on it.

Tabled to Oct 15 meeting

Work on this year's plan

  1. Updated Goal 1, Targets 1 & 2

  2. Discussed how to implement PD each month to implement the plan, use of non-D.O. "owned" Faculty Meetings and Wednesdays

    • Wednesdays seem to have become packed

    • Faculty meetings are often only "delivery" and not "give & take"

    • Some D.O. Faculty Meetings will be on SEL, CRE

    • Nov 5 - Munn-led, build on the D.O. led faculty meeting on Oct 22 CRE

  3. Add meeting: Thursday Oct 15 8:00 to finish the plan and set a date to meet with liaisons, set a date to vote

Summary of faculty meetings

Oct 22 – D.O. CRE
Nov 5 – Munn CRE
Nov 19 – D.O. SEL
Dec 10 – Munn SEL
Jan 7 – open
Jan 21 – D.O. ??
Feb 11 – D.O. CRE
Feb 25 – Munn CRE
Mar 11 – D.O. SEL
Mar 25 – Munn SEL
Apr 8 – open
Apr 22 – open
May 6 – open
May 20 – D.O. CRE (last faculty meeting)