Minutes - 12/3/19

Building Planning Team Meeting
December 3, 2019
Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Hoadley, Lonardo, McLaen, S. Schultz

Agenda Item

Discussion / Actions 

Plan review and plan of work to impact teaching and learning at Munn  

Discuss on December 19 

Mindfulness vision/plan at Munn 

There was a discussion about data and how to use it  

Would like to have an in-depth discussion in March

January 17 release day 

BPT to make the plan for the day -  Mike to send staff an email that we are deepening our efforts with CRE and using a theme of acceptance.

  1. Students: culturally responsive - ACCEPTANCE

  2. Staff: culturally responsive, wellness, and threat assessment - what does opportunity mean? What does access mean? How do we see it at Munn?

Beautification of Munn 

Discuss on December 19 

Create agenda for upcoming BPT Half Day Release on December 19

  1. Develop mindfulness plan

  2. Develop plan for January 17 release day

  3. Update plan

  4. Beautification

Discuss next year's half day releases


  1. 12:20 pm-2:50 pm - our preference

  2. 12:45 pm-3:45 pm.  Specials would happen on an alternating am/pm basis over the 4 days and be shortened

Clusters & Funds

Steve would like to send out a short survey to make sure we are allocating funds fairly