Minutes - 9/22/2020

Present: Canny, Carella, Ellis, Hoadley, McLaen, Schultz, Schwind

Agenda Item 

Discussion / Action Items 

Munn Open House 

On District Calendar for October 6, 6pm-7:30pm.
Details to follow after elementary principals meeting.
Bernabi – 10/6
Taylor – 10/8
CV – 10/15 

Parent / Teacher Conferences 

Open House will be virtual. Question asked if the conferences can be in person and extended over a few weeks so that service providers can be included. It was brought up that under normal circumstances service providers are invited and attend if they can. 

Round Table: Liaison groups questions and concerns 

Schoology vs. See Saw - liaisons to have conversations with groups on what platform is being used and report back to BPT. Every teacher should have a See Saw or Schoology.
What does it looks like when a teacher is absent? 
1. Classroom Teachers - Hybrid Students
o The in-school student sub plans are business as usual.
o HIGH PRIORITY: There should be a sub plan folder in Schoology or See Saw that is not published for the hybrid students that are at-home learning on your absent day. There must be a way for the at-home learners to access electronically during a teacher's absence.
2. Full Remote Teachers - let the families know prior to the absence that there is a folder in Schoology / See Saw for the students to work on
3. Special Area Teachers and Service Providers - when not physically in the building, have a sub folder for the students in school
o District is exploring offering PD to the building contract subs for the online platforms
o Have a sub plan folder in Schoology / See Saw for students to access 

Spray in rooms 

Available for use if you want/need to apply to flat services for spills or messes. Each room is disinfected each night. 

Faculty Meetings 

The Thursday, September 24's faculty meeting is at 8:15am and can be done in your area.
All faculty meetings are on the staff calendar  

Student lunches 

Teachers can ask parents to send in coloring books/crayons or fidgets 


Use non-D.O. run Wednesdays for BPT and PBIS to develop morale boosters 

When student doesn't bring laptop 

There is no laptop cart for forgotten laptops 


1. Concern about assigned PD and related services tele-therapy appointments; on the first Wednesday of the month it is recommended that providers shift therapies to another time
2. Team Leaders will not be present for student Zooms but will be able to take the required PD
3. If sick/family emergency on a Wednesday, cannot work from home, must put in a sick/family emergency day.
4. Make sure to choose NO SUB REQUIRED if absent on a Wednesday 

Sending students to the nurse 

1. Send with a buddy if sending to the nurse for a non-COVID symptom reason
2. If needing to send a student to the nurse that has a COVID symptom, either have an adult that is available to escort the student or call the office for an escort 

Student Mask Refusal 

The BOE adopted an addendum to the Code of Conduct that refusal to wear a mask may be addressed as insubordination 

Halloween / Fall Harvest  

Possible plan will be costumes on a Blue and Gold day, no parade. Come in the costume, no changing, usual rules regarding weapons / violent accessories, more info to come.  The district may provide additional direction to the buildings 

ELL Students on "2nd" day 

1. Classroom teachers: ELL teachers have offered their expertise and resources for differentiation or planning other learning activities
2. Special area teachers: differentiation of instruction 


Team Leaders are asked to coordinate times for classrooms to access the playground 

Classroom doors and windows 

Classroom windows and doors  may remain open to increase air flow and reduce door handle contact.  Please leave the doors locked when open in the event they need to be closed in an emergency.  When students and staff are not in the classroom the door should be locked and closed. 

COVID Procedures 

COVID safety procedures will be reviewed and communicated frequently
Social distancing
Mask break procedures
News & Notes to post reminders

Dept of Health COVID Poster


Work on this year's plan 

Tabled to next meeting. 

Set meeting facilitators & snack schedule 

Steve will be the facilitator for the year and due to COVID, no snacks will be shared.  

Future Meeting Dates 

Oct 13
Nov 3
Dec 1
Jan 12
Feb 2
Mar 2
Apr 6
May 11
Jun 1 

Liaison Assignments 

Grades K & 1: Dawn Hoadley
Grade 2, Counselors, SPED Classroom Teachers: Marie Carella
Grade 3, SPED Consultants, OT, PT, Speech: April Ellis
Grades 4 & 5: Scott Schwind
Special Areas, Reading, Math: Steve Schultz
Support Staff (TAs, Aides, Office, Nurse: Lisa McLaen 
MSPA: Mike Canny