Teacher Directory

Listed below are Munn's teachers by grade level or subject area. Please visit the respective teacher's Schoology page for specific classroom updates at this login, or to contact a teacher by email you can click on their name below.

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
 Mrs. Campbell

Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Hoadley
Mrs. Lonardo
Mrs. Lupinetti
Mrs. Smith - Remote Learning Teacher

First Grade Teachers

Mrs. DiCicco
Ms. Brege / Mrs. Wiedemer
Mrs. Smith - Remote Learning Teacher

Second Grade Teachers
Mrs. Carella
Ms. Hinett - Remote Learning Teacher
Mrs. Shepard

Third Grade Teachers

Mrs. Ellis
Mrs. Hill
Ms. Hinett - Remote Learning Teacher
Miss Powers

Fourth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Goldfeder
Miss LiPuma
Mrs. Young - Remote Learning Teacher

Fifth Grade Teachers
Mrs. Barut
Mr. Fink
Mr. Schwind
Mrs. Young - Remote Learning Teacher

Special Education Classroom Teachers
Mrs. Angarano (Grades K, 1 & 2)
Miss Holley (Grades 3 & 4)
Miss Kessler (Grade 5)

 Ms. Wollschleger

Mrs. Pacitto - Special Education
Ms. Snyder - School
English Language Learners Teachers
Mrs. Baron
Mrs. Lachance
Mrs. Zimmermann

Special Education Consultants
Mrs. Esders
Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Mueller

Teacher on Special Assignment
Response to Intervention
Ms. Rivoli

Reading Interventionists

Mrs. Bianchi
Ms. Minicucci
Mrs. Schultz

Math Interventionist

Ms. Purtell

Physical Education Teachers
Mr. Hugelmaier
Mr. Nentarz

Technology / Enrichment Specialist

Mr. Schultz

Library /  Media Specialist
Mrs. Eppeira

Art Teacher
Mrs. Ingerick

Music Teachers
Mrs. Kane
Mrs. Wright

Instrumental Music / Band Teacher
Mrs. Wright

Physical Therapist
Mrs. Haffey

Occupational Therapist
Mrs. Johnson